Long Term

6 - 12 months


About the experience


When the volunteers arrive in the country the first thing we do is give them a warm welcome, we all go together from the airport to the welcome camp in Quito to share and learn a little bit about the Ecuadorian culture, with different ice-breaking games and activities to get to know each other better.  After this two days of orientation, volunteers are ready to meet their families and projects. Together with the host family and the Fiides team, we teach them how to get to each project by public transport, which excites us all because it is the first wonderful experience that volunteers learn to do in our country.

Mid term Camp

After to spend a considerable time in Ecuador we prepare the half cycle camp, it is a very worth time because the volunteers can talk of their experiences about families, projects, feelings and everything in order to improve and make the following months the best.  Are four days full of emotions, laughter, and tears. Everybody give solutions and we provide advice for each situation. All the volunteers return home refreshed and ready for their last months in Ecuador.

¡Best moments!